Alt 101.7 and Pepsi have teamed up to present Metal Monday Online! This week we're featuring New York's Quicksand!

Frontman and guitarist Walter Schreifels, the main creative force behind the Gorilla Biscuits and bassist for Youth of Today, assembled the band's lineup from his dissolved Moondog project. Guitarist Tom Capone had previously played in Bold and drummer Alan Cage had been in the experimental hardcore band Burn and played with Capone in Beyond. The band is rounded out by bassist Sergio Vega.

I had cassette copies of their first two albums in my teen years: 1993's Slip and the follow-up Manic Compression released in 1995. Listen to me when I say, I literally played the tapes until they could no longer be played!

The band was plagued by internal conflict which lead to their break up in October of 1995.

Over the next many years, reunion shows were rumored but unfortunately the band members ultimately started other bands and it seemed they had moved on. Until June 10, 2012, when Quicksand was the unannounced "special guest" on the fourth night of the Revelation Records 25th Anniversary Shows in California. The original members appeared together on stage for the first time in nearly 13 years, performing a five-song set.

In 2017 an album called Interiors was released by Epitaph Records and was followed by a short tour.

Fast forward to April of 2021, when the band announced they were back together and in September released Distant Populations and a new track Inversion! Let's just keep our fingers crossed more records, new music, and tours will follow!

Follow along with Quicksand on their website.

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