Party Down may have left the air back in 2010, but devotees of the Starz comedy television show have been pining for its return ever since. Now, with the cast reunited at this past weekend’s Vulture Festival, that conversation might finally be ready to happen. Show creators Jon Enbom, Dan Etheridge, and Rob Thomas (Paul Rudd was unable to attend) reminisced on their time with Party Down, and acknowledged the long-rumored movie that was supposed to follow the show. According to Vulture, Thomas commented: “I don’t think a movie’s in the cards, but in the next year or two we’ll explore some ways to bring the gang back together.”

So what does this mean for fans of the show, centered around a quirky catering company in Los Angeles? Party Down was cancelled after two seasons due to poor ratings, although the show received critical praise. Another contributing factor to the show’s untimely end was losing two of its main actors Adam Scott and Jane Lynch, when they departed to work on Parks & Recreation and Glee, respectively. But in the new era of streaming television, where shows with niche audiences can thrive, Party Down would have a decent shot at a comeback. Plus, the cast— including Lizzy Caplan, Megan Mullally, and Martin Star— has stated that they consider the show to be the "crown jewel" of their acting careers.

Whatever is in the cards for Party Down, hearing Thomas allude to a possible future reunion is promising. Seems like a lot of people would pay good money to hear Adam Scott say, "Are we having fun yet?" just one more time.

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