School started yesterday, and I spent a solid hour in the car rider line. Combine the usual back-to-school traffic with the fact that's been raining like cats and dogs all week, and you have (pardon the weather pun) a perfect storm. It's a MESS, y'all. 

My daughter is in kindergarten at Southview Elementary. Southview has been combined with Skyland this year while construction continues at Skyland Elementary. It's twice the students and twice the traffic. Take a look at this pic (taken at dang 7:15 yesterday morning) to see what I mean.

Meg Summers/TSM
Meg Summers/TSM

It was even worse in the afternoon. Traffic reached from the school all the way down Cypress Creek Avenue East and backed up towards Skyland Boulevard. Police escorts were needed to get the buses past the traffic and to the school. It was insane.

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday, people. If you're picking your kid up in the car rider line, GET THERE EARLY.

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