Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play! This week we get a little mature with selection that has been re-released on the Nintendo Switch.

This week's selection is No More Heroes!

Photo courtesy of Wired.com

Story: Travis Touchdown is a guy who is basically a loner. He spends all his money on various items such as wrestling videos or anime figurines. However his money runs out, and he's gotta make cash quick or he'll be out of the motel room he stays in. Luckily for him, he has a beam katana won in an internet auction. The only way to earn money is to work his way up the United Assassins Association AKA the UAA. So basically, he'll have to kill other assassins.

Yes this game is bonkers. And for good reason, it was headed by Suda 51. The man's ideas are crazy and generally work well for games.

So for the gameplay, it's you playing as Travis, a beam katana, and enemies/assassins that need getting eliminated.

Photo Courtesy of gamepressure.com

This is crude, rude, and bloody. And it's very proud of it. The beam katana has no problem slicing people in half, leaving blood everywhere in it's wake. As you can tell, this game might not be for everybody, content-wise, and the game is rated M for a reason.

But if you have no problem with, the game is a blast to play. Travis's quips as go through various goons keep you laughing. And the assassins themselves all have different personality to keep you wondering what the heck is wrong with everybody in the game.

Happy gaming! See you next week!

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