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Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play! This week we go into a genre that has grown in popularity these past few years, and it seems like everyone has gotten in on the trend, including one of my favorite video game companies.

This week's game is none other than Super Mario Bros. 35!

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The battle royale genre has certainly been a type of game that everyone has taken a chance on. One of the biggest games that we all know that basically kick-started the trend was Fortnite. Since then, many have tried to capture the success it achieved.

Nintendo is celebrating 35 years of the Italian plumber, and nobody expected Mario to join the battle royale world, but here we are. So here we are, with a last mario standing game.

2020 is very weird, but moving on.

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So there's no story here, just survival. The game begins on world 1-1. From there, 35 players duke it out to be the last mario standing atop the mountain. The more games you participate in, the more levels you unlock as well.

Unlike the original Mario Bros, levels are random throughout your showdown with others. You collect coins which you can use to gain power-ups in a pinch. Every Goomba, Koopa Troopa, and any other enemy you eliminate goes into another player's game and tries to eliminate them for you!

Long story short, the game is a chaotic mess that will certainly test your mettle and patience. Somehow I've won 5 times in this game, and I need to hop back in the 8 bit ring again soon.

You'll need a Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Online to play this game, and you need to download and play quick because the game disappears on March 31, 2021!

Good luck on your journey to be the Number 1 Mario!

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