Let me be clear, (crystal clear), I love Christmas. I’m talking everything about it. The whole holiday season makes me happy. However, getting back on the Christmas cheer bandwagon has been a slow journey since 2014. This is when my best friend from my entire life died, my Dad. Honestly, I feel like part of me died too.

Fast forward to now, I feel much better and less guilty about enjoying my favorite season without my father. My Christmas tree has been up since the 1st week of November. Plus, I’m always wishing someone a “Happy Holiday” or a “Merry Christmas.” It’s just who I am.

For weeks, I have driven everyone at the radio station crazy about the West Alabama Christmas parade and the Tinsel Trail. There were numerous emails, phone calls, supply runs, and more. They love me, so they tolerate my obsession with Christmas duties.

I was so excited about the West Alabama Christmas parade on Monday, December 6, 2021. I had fun driving the WTUG vehicles along with my wonderful friends at 95.3 The Bear, ALT 101.7, and 105.1 The Block. We had a good time getting the lights on the station vehicles. It was fun to spend time with each other.

The parade kicked off without any issues and our friend LeLe was along for the ride. We were singing, tooting the horn, waving, and even at times in unison saying, “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” or gave the folks a good ole ROLL TIDE.

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The parade crowd was in such a good mood and all bundled up. We saw the cutest outfits, Santa hats, heartwarming smiles, and the most adorable babies. The holiday spirit was ALL OVER Downtown Tuscaloosa. Well, almost everyone.

When I wished a group of people along the parade route a “Happy Holiday” this person came out of nowhere to tell me “It’s Merry Christmas, Lady!!!!!” A little stunned by the Christmas Bandit, I said back “Relax, I’m alternating my greetings.” You could feel my eyes rolling in my tone.

I’m not saying the person is ending up on Santa’s naughty list but they might just get a fruitcake in their stocking.

Don’t be like the Christmas bandit. Not everyone celebrates Christmas that’s why I try to be respectful by trying to say it all. There are so many different winter holidays. According to Shondaland, “it’s called the holiday season for a reason: December is absolutely jam-packed with celebrations.” Let’s check them out.

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