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You know what, everyone is all up in arms about the whole mask situation at Gallettes on the Strip, taking trash about the students not wearing masks and bad mouthing parents and family members. The same people who thought mandating a mask here in Tuscaloosa is 'unconstitutional' and 'against the teachings and morals of our lord and savior Jesus Christ' are the same people bad mouthing those new students and families to Tuscaloosa.

What is this madness??

I thought the south opened their arms to new comers and made people feel at home, but apparently not in the last 24 hours. I cannot imagine, students not being here in Tuscaloosa. Watching students on a Friday night is more entertaining than going to P. T. Barnum Circus. The life and energy these students bring to Tuscaloosa is insurmountable. Not to mention, THE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS THEY GIVE AND DONATE TO THE DRUID CITY EVERY YEAR. I'm just heated that people are trashing Tuscaloosa's most valuable resource, which are the bright and wonderful minded students from THE University Of Alabama.

Remember this -- you point a finger, you get 3 right back at yah. Make sure to keep yourself accountable before condemning the actions of few in a town that needs those people to keep your water running, electric flowing and food on the table for your family.

Oh yeah, here's a drunk kid UA student running into a porta potti last night:

Roll Tide you filthy animals.

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