A traffic sign at a busy Northport intersection seems to sow confusion among drivers in West Alabama. Where is this sign--and what does it mean?

You may have noticed a yellow sign at the intersection of Highway 82 (McFarland Boulevard) and Highway 43. This traffic sign is right by the Northport Civic Center, and the lettering on the sign simply reads "KEEP MOVING."

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So what's the deal here? If the sign says to keep moving, you think traffic would keep flowing but that apparently isn't the case.

I noticed the post below in the Northport Garage Sale group on Facebook--looks like folks think that 'KEEP MOVING' actually means 'STOP ABRUPTLY.'


The original post has hundreds of comments expressing frustration over drivers' inability to just, you know, KEEP MOVING.

The intersection apparently had a yield sign years ago, leading many drivers to assume that they have to wait to turn onto Highway 43 from McFarland but y'all, it is 2021 and you can KEEP MOVING.

If you have time, I HIGHLY suggest you check out the post on Facebook, as the comments alone are worth the click. So many people share their stories of road rage and frustration, so it's good to know I am not the only one out here ragin' on McFarland.

Have you had any problems at this intersection? Message me with our station app chat and let me know!

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