B101.7 and Lipton Tea are treating workplaces all around Tuscaloosa to pizza, tea, and even dessert!   If your workplace is selected 'Office of the Week,' we'll deliver pizza from Brothers Express Pizza Cafe, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and plenty of Lipton Tea!

The way it works, nominate your office by completing and submitting the form below. Then, we'll contact the weekly winner by phone to arrange the delivery by one of your favorite B101.7 air personalities. Instead of random pizzas you may or may not like, Brothers Express Pizza Cafe wants you to pick out exactly what you want. Keep in mind, we'll bring enough to feed you and up to 14 co-workers. Plus, plenty of Lipton Tea for everyone. Oh, how about a pile of B101.7 swag? The hook up is on for our loyal B101.7 at work listeners!

It's easy to get started, simply fill out the form below. If your entry is randomly picked, we'll give you a call and a arrange delivery a Friday delivery. Now, how about that for a great way to get into the weekend, your own office pizza party!  You'll be the envy of everyone around Tuscaloosa.

Good luck and thanks taking B101.7 along to work!  Whether you listen on a radio, through our website B1017online.com or the free RadioPup app.

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