New Parent Alert: How To Stop My Toddler From Opening the Oven

Being a first-time parent makes you find answers to things you never thought were needed. I really wish I had this answer.

My son is one of the most active babies I've been around. He began walking at 8 months which shocked us! He even figured out how to use the potty. Now at 13 months, he's learned how to open the oven.

I can admit, he's always had some kind of infatuation with the oven. It always made me nervous because.... It's THE OVEN. It's more than hot. The thing heats up to more than 400 degrees!

He'd always seem to want to run over and try and touch the oven when mommy or I were opening the door. One of the scariest things is thinking somehow your son has gotten away from mommy and has run behind you to touch the oven just as soon as you open the door. WHEW!

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Never have I been afraid to ask other parents for help. I'm a first-time parent. I'll never pretend to know it all when it comes to kids. All I can do is ask those who have been through what I'm going through now. I'm almost positive there are some in West Alabama.

Veteran parents, I need your help. My son is up on his feet, and he's smart for his age. What can I do to keep my son from opening the oven door? Feel free to send me any and all suggestions on our app chat feature.

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