Today Tuscaloosa Chamber Of Commerce and Buffalo Rock Pepsi welcomed the new Mexican restaurant called,  'El Gran Patron' to Northport today.

Located at 62 McFarland Blvd just pass the bridge, this place is hard to miss.

El Gran Patron was started by Mexico City native Carlos and his wife Lauren of Tuscaloosa. Their vison was to have a true Mexico City restaurant in T-Town with  colorful scenery, vibrant staff and an unbeatable cooking staff.

This is exactly what the Tuscaloosa area needed, an authentic taste of Mexico City with the flair and charming atmosphere to back it up.

Our afternoon DJ Tab was present for the opening today and he says, " Carlos and Lauren are the true example of what makes Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa. The diverse menu is unreal and the staff is by far the best I've experienced in Tuscaloosa, this place is going to be a staple very soon"


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