Tuscaloosa is planning to replace the bridge on Interstate 20/59 over McFarland Boulevard with a Crimson Colored Suspension Bridge!  In fact, construction has been scheduled and funding is already in place for the project.

"You’ll know for sure you’re entering tide country", according to Real Estate Developer Stan Pate, who originated the project.

The project, which is estimated at a cost of almost $500 million, will reduce traffic congestion and improve roadways, plus the overall look of the area. City Leaders are also hoping that it will attract more businesses to the area, specifically, McFarland Mall, which will soon begin transforming into the New Encore Shopping Center. Currently, there's only one tenant left. Once that lease expires, the process will begin.

Mayor Walt Maddox says the redevelopment of the area, (Southside), is expected to create over $400 million of economic development. Added Maddox, “It could do for that side of town what downtown revitalization has done in our central city, I really believe it’s this decades downtown revitalization but its going to require a massive amount of cooperation between federal state and local entities".

Personally, I can't wait for this project to begin! I Live and Work on that side of town, and I believe that we NEED more business and places to shop in the McFarland Mall Area, and on the Eastern Side Of Town in general. Everything seems to be down 69 South, and The Center of Town. It's time to show MY side of town a Little Bit Of Love!

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