It's National Pi Day (3/14--get it?), and that is awesome. Let's celebrate by discussing why pie is and always will be the superior dessert delivery method.

Pie is my favorite dessert. It's super versatile--you can make savory pies (quiches, shepherd's pie, etc.), fruit pies, cream pies, chocolate pies, even cheese pies-- cheesecake is, technically speaking, a pie after all. Oh, and fried pies are rad, too.

Some people might tell you that cake is a better dessert. These people would be wrong. Cake is cool, but pies are infinitely better. Maybe I like pie so much because I am one of those weird people who likes the pie crust better than the pie filling--my rationale here isn't entirely clear, but I do know that if given the choice, I'll always choose pie.

Want to join me in celebrating National Pie Day? Why not head on down to Pie Lab in Greensboro for lunch? You can have some delicious pie and help foster social change and development in Greene County. That's a win-win right there, my friends.

You could also have a slice of heaven--I mean pie-- at Jim & Nick's here in Tuscaloosa. Their chocolate pie is to-die-for. When I was pregnant, I may or may not have eaten an entire one by myself (no guilt; I was eating for two)...

Kentucky Derby Pie
I make this "Bluegrass State Famous Horse Race Pie" every Derby weekend. (Meg Sunmers, B101.7)

Order a Derby Pie from Kern's in Louisville, Kentucky. They are amazing. I lived in Kentucky for ten years and became addicted to Derby Pie. When my best friend comes to visit, it is an unspoken rule that she go to Kroger and buy a Derby Pie and bring it to me. If you've never had Derby Pie, you are missing out--it's like an oversized chocolate chip cookie had a love child with a pecan pie. If you don't want to wait for one to be shipped to you, you can make your own "Kentucky Horse Race Pie" (the name "Derby Pie" is trademarked). This recipe looks good.

You can also celebrate by making this easy Fudge Pie from Pillsbury. It's similar to my great-great Grandmother Dodie's famous recipe, but I ain't sharing that one with y'all. It's a closely guarded family secret. I will say, however, that you should probably double the recipe and make it in a deep dish pie shell...

Hope you enjoy your National Pie Day!