This afternoon, at approximately 2:38pm, I was enjoying a late lunch. I had just gone to The Subway on Greensboro Avenue, and had picked up a $6.00 Foot Long Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich. Instead of eating it there, I decided I would take it to go, and enjoy it outside, while soaking up the BEAUTIFUL Weather we've been having lately. So, I took my vehicle, and parked it in the tiny, vacant, strip mall located at 3801 Greensboro Avenue. As I got out of my ride, and took a bite out of my sandwich, I noticed something a bit out of the ordinary. There was a NAKED MAN RUNNING east on 38th Street!

Now, this is not something that you see everyday. But this Gentleman was clearly NAKED, and he seemed to be enjoying his afternoon run on this gorgeous February Day!  In fact, I wouldn't even call it a run, it was more like a "Jubilant Trot".  I did not see his face, because he was running with his back facing me. But he was definitely Caucasian, and with his Tan Lines, his Buttocks was even MORE Caucasian! He had Brownish Hair, around 6 Feet Tall, and by the Cellulite on the back of his legs and backside area, I would guess that he was either in his Late 30's or Early 40's. I thought about pursing him, but since I wasn't sure if he was armed, or his state of mind, I just let him be. In any event, he wound up running into the wooded area behind The Crimson Bar. I'm not sure if he was meeting someone back there in the woods, running FROM someone, or maybe someone who had escaped from a Nudist Colony. However, this Man was CLEARLY NAKED!

In any event, this whole episode was over in seconds, because he had disappeared as quickly as he had appeared! But one thing IS for certain: Next time, I'm NOT taking my Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki to go. Because after what I observed, I couldn't even finish my sandwich!!!

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