For about three months now I've been trying to eat more healthy, eating Boca Burgers, veggie pattys and okra pasta.

When I heard about Burger King introducing a all plant based burger, I got really stoked and excited. In my memory they are the first fast food restaurant to have a vegetarian or vegan subsidiarity of any kind.

After my show ended last week, I moseyed on over to the closest BK here in Tuscaloosa and ordered the Impossible Whopper with the classic BK onion rings. And I have to say, it wasn't what it was all cracked up to be, grant it It was all plant based, it seemed rubbery and dry. Probably the two last things you want to put in your mouth. But the onion rings were fire as usual.

I encourage you to go try it for yourself and make your own opinion about it.


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