Nearly 15 years after its release, My Chemical Romance's second album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, is back on the Billboard 200 charts, landing at No. 191.

The triple-platinum album originally peaked at No. 28 on the charts and while the band's members have not suggested they'll be reuniting anytime soon, there's still plenty of buzz surrounding their activities.

Singer Gerard Way has been gradually releasing new singles, but its his Netflix series The Umbrella Academy that's been garnering most of the attention. The television program is an adaption of Way's comic series bearing the same name. The story involves seven superpowered babies inexplicably born to different mothers who were not known to be pregnant. They were adopted by an entrepreneur and, despite their dysfunction, serve as a superhero family.

Meanwhile, My Chem guitarist Frank Iero will release a new album, Barriers, under the moniker Frank Iero and the Future Violents, on May 31.

This Friday (March 22) also marks a dark day for My Chemical Romance fans as the band officially split up six years ago on that date.

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