A heads up, if you hear tornado sirens sound around Tuscaloosa County during the lunch hour on Wednesday (September 7th), let it be known that it is only a test.

County emergency officials know hearing that siren blare makes it all jump. Keeping that in mind to help with peace of mind, the test only happens on nice days and on the first Wednesday of the month.

Anytime the weather is not good on the first Wednesday of the month, it will be rescheduled for the following week.

Testing tornado siren test equipment is a good thing. However, we shouldn't only rely on the siren to be alerted of a tornado threat.

Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency advises:

Additionally, citizens should remember Outdoor Warning Sirens are intended to alert persons who are involved with outdoor activities. There is no guarantee they will hear an Outdoor Warning Siren when it is activated. Persons indoors should not depend on Outdoor Warning Sirens as their primary way of being warned.


The most effective way to receive an emergency alert is with a NOAA Weather Radio. NOAA Weather Radios are inexpensive and can be programmed to receive watches and warnings for one or more counties. They would make a wonderful gift.