I grew up just an hour away from T-Town in Columbus, Mississippi. So it's really cool that my hometown newspaper, The Commercial Dispatch, did a story on my career.

I've been at this radio game for my entire adult life. I've had some amazing experiences and have met even more amazing people in that time. I cannot recall the exact number of musicians, athletes, and comedians I've interviewed but It's definitely in the hundreds. So it floored me when the local newspaper wanted to interview me! Even better, I figured I would get some small insert in a center section somewhere but to my surprise, I made the front page... above the fold even!

I was really glad that I made the paper for something good rather than having to write an article explaining away why I was arrested or something! LOL!

So, if you've ever wondered how I got started in radio or if there was once a beer named after me, the entire article can be read on the Commercial Dispatch's website.

Thanks to Isabelle Altman for the wonderful article!

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