Roughly once a month, my buddy Alan Aldridge comes over and unloads his podcast equipment on my kitchen table for another episode of 'Untapped & Vinyl'.

When he started the podcast, Porch Talk, we had the most excellent idea and came up with a reason to get together, talk music, and drink copious amounts of beer! 'Untapped & Vinyl' was born!

We usually start each episode by taste-testing whatever craft beer we come across, then casually shift into talking music. The magic almost always happens about an hour in when the beer starts talking! Over the many months, we've dedicated episodes to talking about the blues, artists on Cornelius Chapel records out of Birmingham, and punk rock, but the usual format tends to be beer and everything music.

On the latest episode, Alan and I were joined by Celesta Riner, bass player for Tuscaloosa punk band DC Moon. We tried to keep it between the lines as long as we could but the Elysian Brewing Company sampler eventually won out!

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