Another Naked Man Story? You Bet! In case you missed LAST week's Naked Man story, you can get all caught up right here.

This week's Naked Man story took place in Union County, Mississippi, when a Man was discovered, as one witness called it, "Butt Naked", hanging upside down in a tree. Authorities found Shane Treadaway, hanging upside down from a tree on County Road 253, in Blue Springs, Mississippi. Mr. Treadaway was found naked with a cable wrapped around him.

Jerry Feathers, an eyewitness, said: "I was out walking my dog and just came home and a lady comes running down my brother's drive. I was thinking my brother was in trouble so I go out there to help. After about three minutes in the woods, I saw this man hanging upside down in the tree butt naked."

The Union County Sheriff's Office is still investigating how Treadaway got stuck in the tree, but officials said he was looking for his dog. The Investigators also say that Treadaway spent more than four hours stuck in the tree.

For more info on this story, read HERE

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