If you were to check out producer / songwriter Finneas' phone, you'd see that it appears to belong to Mike Shinoda. So how exactly did that happen? Finneas broke it down a hilarious tweet explaining the technical mishap he's so far been unable to undo.

"I met Mike Shinoda once and he put his number in my phone but instead of making a new contact for 'Mike Shinoda,' he somehow managed to change MY OWN name in my phone to Mike Shinoda irrevocably," explained Finneas, who is also Billie Eilish's brother and producer. "Absolutely nothing I try fixes it."

While the thought of a Finneas / Mike Shinoda collaboration certainly piques the curiosity, it appears as though it likely won't happen until the phone mishap gets sorted out.

Still, some of Finneas' Twitter followers served up hilariously perfect responses, quoting Linkin Park and Fort Minor lyrics back at the musician as forms of advice. Check out a few of the comments below.

These days Shinoda is busy working with a number of artists, producing their music after recommendations from his Twitch following. Meanwhile, Finneas continues to be an in-demand writer, producer and artist, not only working with his sister Billie Eilish but also working and collaborating with John Legend, Selena Gomez and Camila Cabello. As an artist, he released his Blood Harmony EP in 2019.

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