Meghan Trainor graces the new cover of London's Notion magazine, where inside she opens up about steering away from the doo-wop pop sound that first made her famous, experimenting with rap on Thank You and coming over her insecurities.

As Just Jared reports, Trainor revealed that making the transition to her current early 2000s-inspired sound — as heard on singles like "No" and "Me Too" — did not come naturally.

"I kept writing doo-wop thinking that was right and the label turned around and said, 'You’re doing what everyone expects you to do. Why don’t you be the songwriter you say you are and shake it up?'" she told the magazine. "So I said, 'Make me a beat that Meghan Trainor wouldn’t do,' and we wrote 'No' in a couple of hours. Once they heard it, the label freaked out; everyone freaked out...They wanted the song that every other artist wished they had and I was like, 'Got it!'"

"No" didn't only usher in a new sound for the pop star, but also a new skill she hadn't realized she possessed: rapping.

"We tried to put more urban into it — and I tried to rap more. I mean I did NOT expect to rap!" Trainor explained. "I was writing songs and one day I thought, 'You know what? I’m just gonna rap on this one' as a joke, so I tried it and was like, 'Hang on… I can rap! I’m good at this! I have rhythm!'"

However, the artist hasn't left the breakout single which led to her fame behind her completely — in fact, as she admitted, she still gets asked about the backlash she received for "All About That Bass."

"I wanted to make something fun and upbeat that would maybe really help people," she said. "I still get asked, 'Was it your intention to bash skinny people?' NO! Absolutely not. I just wrote a fun song to help ME out with my insecurities — and the world loved it. That’s all I have."

Translation? Haters, you need to let it go, need to let it go.

See Meghan's Notion cover below:

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