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Yesterday at Government Plaza 'T-Town Peaceful Protest' was held in solidarity for change. Qadeem Ali Hassan, the grassroots organizer started the idea on a Facebook page. He insisted " I believe in unity during these troubled times". Which is exactly what happened, around four-hundred people of all race, sex, religions and orientations stood in solidarity on a overcast afternoon in Downtown Tuscaloosa.



With over 6 speakers from Druid City Pride who acts as a non-profit community organization that serves and advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ+) members of the West Alabama community and their allies. Speakers from the 10-4 Corporation, a Human Rights Organization, focuses on “Bringing Divided Societies Together.” The Board of Directors is composed of a diversified group of individuals from various communities that is a mirrored reflection of the American Melting Pot. The non-profit organization promotes peace, harmony, justice and reconciliation in America. The desired outcome of The 10-4 Corporation is to focus on racial reconciliation by inspiring all individuals to take a deeper look at race relations in their communities.

The speaker who brought the most insight and truthful openness was from our Mayor, Walt Maddox. He truthfully said, "In times of crisis we have to listen, It's time for you and I to do more". Then powerfully stating "What it takes will happen today, don't lose this moment." Then in a classy Tuscaloosa way closed out his speech with " God Bless You and God Bless Tuscaloosa."

I believe in Walt and think he will hold his promise true, it takes a community to change. Luckily we have Walt on our side to make a dream, a reality.


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