Back to the Future Day arrived at Tuscaloosa River Market last night, with Marty McFly, a pair of DeLorean cars... and the Energizer Bunny?

We hosted a BIG '80s party to celebrate this once in a lifetime experience, catching up with the time travel of the movie, Back to the Future.  That "future" travel date being, October 21, 2015.  The famous digits in the DeLorean car time machine.

Iconic figures from the movie greeted big hair ladies in their bright neon, and the guys with popped collars.

Then, there was a bunny,  That was my costume.

The crowd wondered, what does that costume have to do with the '80s?  You know, when you have to explain the costume, it may not be that good.  It's kind of like telling a joke, but you have to explain it.  That's really not that good of a joke.

The costume concept: 1989 Energizer Bunny who is much older now in 2015.  The bunny no longer has pink hair, it is all white now.  Plus, I added a pair of Santa beards to add more of an old rockstar look.  At one point, I didn't have a drum set, so I took a pair of metal stove drain pans to do the trick.

Once the costume was explained, I did get a few laughs.  There was even a game with the kids, name the costume.  One girl said Roger Rabbit.  Hmm... nice guess.  I would say, in the end it was fun taking a much different approach to a costume for the party.

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