The quickest way to my heart is through food, Sephora gift cards, and sweet tea. I will never, ever give up my sweet tea addiction. IT'S WHO I AM. I've always been madly in love with Luzianne Tea, and when I found out they were making single-serve cups, I had to share the good news with y'all... and l didn't know then, but I was in for a sweet surprise!

I wrote this post about how crazy awesome Luzianne single-serve cups are. I bought some last week, and I've been using them on the reg since. You brew these bad boys over ice and you have real deal, 100% legit, authentic Southern sweet tea in less than 60 seconds. It's incredibly delicious, and it doesn't taste like the sad, watered down disappointment of every other K-Cup sweet tea I've tried.

I think Luzianne's single-serve cups are rad, and I wanted to let y'all know so you could buy some ASAP. Your homegirl here just wrote that post to spread the word, and I didn't expect anything in return... soooooo...

Imagine my surprise when I saw a package from Luzianne in my office this morning! They sent me a ginormous box of my precious single-serve cups along with two Luzianne tea tumblers AND a sweet thank you note, because any Southerner worth her salt knows your Thank You Note Game has got to be on point. I've always loved Luzianne, but the fact that someone at their company took time out of her day to read my post, share it with their social media followers, AND hook me up with presents means I will be brand-loyal to the day I die.

And even then, they better serve Luzianne tea at my wake.

To the Luzianne crew, I say THANK YOU! Y'all are awesome, and I'm so excited to share (some of) these single-serve cups with my co-workers. Sweet tea for everyone! Roll Tide!

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