LSU Hate week is rollin' on... just like the Alabama Crimson Tide. Since the internet is apparently suffering from an extreme lack of smack-talkin' vids, we're going to take it to another level, y'all. To understand your enemy, you must eat like your enemy. I think that's in The Art of War or whatever. Anyway, everybody knows Baton Rouge can't say no to its beloved party liquor and food on a stick, so let's learn how to make corn dogs with bourbon sauce. BUT CLASSY.

I imagine the Cajun Nation just buys its corn dogs en masse at the local CostCeaux, but this is Alabama, people. We have class. Check out Alton Brown's recipe for the classic corn dog below.

Now we're on the bourbon sauce. Granted, you could just sip on whatever they're serving up in Baton Rouge, but why do that when you can have your bourbon AND eat it, too?

I'd recommend using a quality bourbon like Woodford Reserve or Bulliet. If you're feeling fancy, bust out the Pappy--but that's only for sipping, okay? And don't you dare share it with any LSU breauxs. They only get Early Times.

There you have it: corn dogs and bourbon done RIGHT. Roll Tide.