Just like the big tournament, we started off with 64 entries in this year's competition. But, after thousands of votes and number of upsets, Tuscaloosa and the surrounding area has made it clear that one local blue blood stands above the rest.

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The Fabled Four featured a group of Tuscaloosa's finest that have combined to serve the residents and visitors of the Druid City for decades.

JR Moore / Townsquare Media
JR Moore / Townsquare Media

Fabled Four Bracket

The final matchup between Archibald's and DePalma's, however, proved that barbecue is still king here in the deep south.

JR Moore / Townsquare Media
JR Moore / Townsquare Media

Final Bracket

We congratulate Archibald's on their victory in the 2023 Munch Madness tournament! They've continued to serve patrons with world-class barbecue and represent our region since the 1960s.

Looking to compete in next year's tournament? Reach out to the station via our social media pages and we'll record your submission for the next bracket!

There are no back-to-back winners in Tuscaloosa's Munch Madness, so the 2024 crown is open to all.

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