It's going down, yell timber.

Live tonight at Black Warrior Brewing Company located on University Blvd, Tab will be taking songs and tanking brews 6PM-8PM. Come by for the award winning brews that have been named Tuscaloosa's Best by Tuscaloosa News.

Black Warrior is as local as it gets. Their adventure began years before the November 2013 Grand Opening.  It’s a story of friendship, mountain biking and basement brewing. Jason Spikes, now our Head Brewer, had the most extensive history and passion for brewing.  The initial days of the unofficial Black Warrior Brewing actually occurred in his basement. That's pretty punk tbh.

Jason Spikes met fellow owners Joe Fuller and Eric Hull while working at their then day-jobs at a tire manufacturing plant, and their friendship grew as they enjoyed mountain biking together.  While the dream of having a brewery was already in the back of their minds, it was during one of their annual biking trips in Chattanooga where this dream started to take form.  That fresh mountain air, the thrill of racing down the trails of Raccoon Mountain, and possibly a few too many IPA’s spawned the conversation that truly got the ball rolling on all four of them living their best lives.

Come by and support such a great local Tuscaloosa business that will greet you with a smile and a damn fine beer. If you go there tonight, say the word "Pinocchio" and Tab will buy your first beer.

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