Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda recently teased that the band had a plan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their Hybrid Theory album, and it appears that is starting with a website redesign.

By visiting, you'll notice a very retro look to their website, taking it back to the infancy stages of band websites. A number of old school styled icons grace the screen, the most significant of which is their "mail client," which finds some of the band members tipping what is afoot.

"Hey guys, I'm starting to go through old gear to see what I can dig up for the secret project we spoke about. Hoping I can find some good stuff in there. Still working on getting the old band computer figured out also. I'm copying the email on the computer so whoever is in there helping can stay up to date. More soon," writes Mike Shinoda, while drummer Rob Bourdon follows, "Great. My mom has boxes of stuff as well. I'm going to start sorting through that." A third "email" is simply bassist Dave "Phoenix" Farrell in a hot tub with a rubber ducky with the message "Squeak Squeak."

A look in the trash bin uncovers some artwork dating back to their pre-Linkin Park days when they were known as Hybrid Theory, while the Sasquatch Browser takes you through some early imagery of the group before leading to a news page that includes bits on an MTV Cribs episode, the MTV VMAs, a chat and their U.S. Reading Festival performance with Eminem.

You'll also find a music player, web meetings, a social share and opportunities to join their newsletter, shop in their webstore or investigate their Linkin Park Underground fan club.

Surf around and enjoy this trip back in time with Linkin Park, and be sure to return as it looks like more will continue to be added.

The band's Hybrid Theory album arrived on Oct. 24, 2000. Linkin Park's first impression came with the aggressive lead single "One Step Closer," the Grammy-winning "Crawling," the huge hit single "In the End" and "Papercut," while a number of the songs, though not released as singles, received radio play and have remained favorites in the band's live rotation over the years. Hybrid Theory peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 Album chart and has been certified 11 times platinum by the RIAA.

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