As Covid-19 continues to radically change the face of the movie industry, WarnerMedia announced last week that all Warner Bros. films in 2021 will arrive on HBO Max the same day they are released in theaters. The movies will have a one-month streaming period before leaving the service, but will remain in theaters for longer. Movie theater chains aren’t the only ones unhappy with this arrangement — media company Legendary Entertainment could be contemplating legal action against Warner Media.

The topic was discussed during an industry discussion by Deadline reporters Peter Bart and Mike Fleming. According to Bart and Fleming, Legendary put up a significant portion of the budget for both Godzilla vs. Kong and Dune, nearly 75 percent WarnerMedia’s decision could potentially hurt both blockbusters’ chances of having lucrative franchises if they debut on streaming platforms too early. This, of course, would put Legendary at a loss.

"I’m hearing that Legendary Entertainment either has or will send legal letters to Warner Bros as soon as today, challenging the decision to put the Denis Villenueve-directed Dune into the HBO Max deal, and maybe Godzilla vs. Kong as well," Fleming states. “Sources said Legendary had no advance notice before last week’s announcement that both Dune and Godzilla vs. Kong were part of the HBO Max plan.”

From Fleming’s argument, it appears that Legendary feels slighted by Warner Media for omitting the information that two of their big-budget projects will be streamed as soon as they are released. While Godzilla Vs. Kong isn’t slated for release until May 2021, Legendary is likely concerned that domestic moviegoers won’t be flocking to theaters due to health concerns. Plus, the convenience of being able to stream a high-quality blockbuster from your home is hard to refuse.

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