Bounce houses, arts & crafts, animals and a TV star were among the attractions putting smiles on little faces at Kidabaloo in Tuscaloosa this past Saturday!

Well, bigger faces too, like mine! Okay, I didn't jump into the bounce houses or build stuff. Instead, it was great to see and hear kids having such a great time at the event held at PARA's Belk Activity Center at Bower's Park in Tuscaloosa.

Then, there was Brec Bassinger! You know her as the star of TV's Bella and Bulldogs, as seen on Nickelodeon. Fans lined up to get a chance to snag an autograph and get picture. She was first class, and such a cool girl!

Here's my selfie with Brec!

Brec Bassinger at Kidabaloo Tuscaloosa

Walking around, and checking everything out, there was quite crowd of little people gathered by an exhibit of live animals. Hey, who doesn't like a cute little bunny rabbit? Uh oh, as I approach it's a sight of terror for me... a snake! Nooo! I did not want to get any closer. Yeah, I really don't know why snakes freak me out like they do.

See the kids looking with amazement at this lady handling this slithery creature.

Kidabaloo Tuscaloosa - Snake Lady

Oh the bounce house, how I love the bounce house!

Kidabaloo Tuscaloosa - bounce house

You may be like me, too big for that fun looking bounce house pictured above. BUT, our time is coming soon with the Insane Inflatable 5K! That's right, giant inflatables to get OUR bounce on! It's happening April 2nd at Tuscaloosa Regional Airport. Click here for more info!

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