Look who is back! The original Justin, Justin Timberlake, announces on Twitter, "To whom it may concern...I think I'M READY! #JT2013 http://tmbr.lk/imready" The link goes to a website with a video explaining why now and why the long wait as he walks into a studio up to a microphone, closing out with a countdown clock to Monday.

The wait has been long, to the point many thought he was done recording music. JT's last album was released in 2006 and the new one is expected to be released later this Spring. It's exciting to hear he has teamed with his long-time buddy and co-producer Timbaland on this project.

Our first taste of the new music will be the release of the first single Monday! According to showbiz411.com it will possibly be called "Suits and Ties." The website also says, "Because we’re so close to the Grammys (February 10th) and for a variety of reasons, I will say with certainty you can expect this project to get its real boost on the Grammy show."

Here's a flashback to 2006 with "Sexy Back," the lead single off the album "FutureSex/LoveSounds."