This Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver was about the weather, but the recurring punchline was Eddie Vedder’s voice and that one time he could’ve been struck by lightning.

John Oliver’s impression of Vedder reared its head after he showed a clip of AccuWeather CEO Joel Myers claiming his company saved the Pearl Jam frontman from a lightning strike.

“Eddie Vedder was doing a concert in Chicago. Live Nation uses our service, we gave them a warning. He said, ‘We just heard from AccuWeather. We need to clear the field.’ They did 20 minutes later with everybody out of harm’s way. A severe lightning storm hit, struck the stage actually, right where [Vedder] had been standing.”

In astonishment from Myers’ claim, Oliver joked the near-death lightning fiasco is what Vedder wrote “Alive” about, launching into some Vedder-esque yurling:

The Vedder voice-shaming continued into the episode’s finale, after a cheap ’80s graphic of Eddie got hit by lightning. “We do not want the whole country to be like Eddie Vedder, in a position where unless we pay AccuWeather, the next thing you know, bang! ‘We’re not alive. Behhhrrrrehhhhrrrrrreeeeyyyyyyrrrrrrr. We’re not alive.’

Check out both John Oliver clips above.

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