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Comedian and former radio personality, Jermaine ‘FunnyMaine’ Johnson was charged 6 days ago with 'inciting a riot' from a speech he gave to the public in response to the killing of George Floyd. He payed the $500 bail and left county. Today, the charges were completely dropped and rightfully so. Here is a short transcript that people took the wrong way.

“Birmingham The World is Watching.  I’m not telling you to tear something down in Linn Park. I’m not telling you I’ll be over there.”

By tearing something down, he meant the ideology of the systemic racism that has kept this country at bay since the conception of the US. In the past 6 days, people have been dragging his name through the dirt and mud of social media and need to realize that what he said was accurate and justifiably misunderstood. Jermaine stands for equality, love, hope, unity and so much more. If you want to point fingers at this man, trust me, it's a bad idea.

In recent interviews he states that he never intended for people to act the way they did but, he is glad that something was done in the name of justice. Times are changing in a positive way, and thank goodness we have a spokesman like Jermaine ‘FunnyMaine’ Johnson to guide us to peacefully state our mind in a positive way.



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