The novel Coronavirus outbreak has caused a local boutique chain to close two of its retail locations.

Jennaration Boutique Owner Jenna Champion Powell made the announcement in the "Jennaration Boutique Locals" Facebook group earlier today (Thursday, April 30th).

"This will probably one of the harder post that I have to make in the history of my small business," Powell wrote. "After a ton of prayer and soul searching we have decide to only re-open ONE store front location- Northport."

Jennaration Boutique's original location on Highway 69 South in Tuscaloosa will close as will the chain's newest location in Birmingham.

"With COVID-19 we were forced to close our doors requiring us to get out of our box and work harder than ever on the online portion of our business," Powell continued, "When the pandemic started I was terrified of closing the store fronts. Literally the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But once I did it I was amazed at what happened. I focused solely on online (as that was the only option I had) and I had a record month in April."

Powell also noted that an opening date for the Northport location of Jennaration Boutique would be announced soon, possibly later next week.

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