“It’s always been about the music for me,” Jason Derulo affirmed in his recent sit-down with the Boombox to discuss the April reissue of his album ‘Talk Dirty.’

No surprises there, as Derulo has been the mastermind behind his highly-anticipated third studio release. What’s even more impressive is that ‘Talk Dirty’ was first borne out of a scary situation — the 24-year-old performer was forced to cancel his world tour in 2012 after fracturing a vertebrae in his neck during a rehearsal. Afterwards, he hit the studio rather than the road.

Derulo revealed that turning to music kept the serious injury from overwhelming him. He didn’t set out to start an album, but simply found comfort in creating music while he recovered. There was no pressure to write a hit or meet a deadline, meaning he could fully experiment with new sounds.

The sax-heavy title track and the recorder-infused ‘Wiggle’ (yes, recorder as in that plastic instrument often used in elementary school!) are representative of the fun, catchy, and unique sounds found on his newest album. The experimentation was, by all means, a success.

In his interview with the Boombox, Derulo reflected on his biggest influences, citing Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, and discussed how their performances have affected his own. “My favorite performances were always people that put on a show,” he said. “Not just singing the song, but actually making the song come to life.”

One look at his performances and it’s easy to see he can put on a show with the best of them.

The singer/dancer also shares with the Boombox his interesting start in hip-hop as a ghostwriter, and how that gig helped him develop as a songwriter. Derulo's story is as unique as his sound experiments, and clearly, it's working for him!

Check out the full interview above to find out more about the successful experimentation for his recent LP.


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