The Tuscaloosa Area Career Center wants to make sure people in West Alabama are aware of financial stability, employment opportunities and career development events happening in the coming weeks.

Here's What's On The Agenda

The Tuscaloosa Area Career Center announced two important upcoming events designed to support and empower our community.
Credit Building Workshop
Tuesday July 9th at 9 AM, we will be hosting a Credit Building Workshop. This event will cover all aspects of budgeting and financial education, offering participants the knowledge and tools needed to improve their credit scores and manage their finances effectively.
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"Understanding how to manage your finances and build good credit is crucial in today’s world," said a representative from the Tuscaloosa Area Career Center. "We’re thrilled to offer this workshop to our community and help individuals make informed financial decisions."
Shoal Creek Mine Job Fair
On Thursday, July 18th, from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, the Career Center will be hosting a Job Fair for Shoal Creek Mine. This event provides a fantastic opportunity for job seekers with or without mining experience to connect with this potential employer and explore a variety of career opportunities.

Your One-Stop Shop for Career Needs

The Tuscaloosa Area Career Center is a one-stop shop for career needs. Their services range from resume building to on-the-job training with compensation. Each client is paired with an employment service representative who will create a personalized employment plan tailored to their workforce goals.
"We are committed to helping our community members achieve their career aspirations," the representative continued. "Our comprehensive services are designed to support every step of the job-seeking process."
Located at 202 Skyland Dr, Tuscaloosa, 35405, the Career Center operates from 7:45 AM to 4:45 PM, ready to serve the community.
For more information about our events and services, please visit

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