Our children are our most valuable asset and should be protected at all times. However, try as we might, some of our children will fall victim to danger. Many times, victims, especially children, are afraid to speak out because of fear of retaliation.

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One organization has given victims a way to speak without making a sound.

Women's Funding Network is spreading awareness of a hand signal to alert people around the victim that someone in in trouble that doesn’t attract the attention of the person who the child is with.

When a child knows this universal signal, they can use it when they are in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation. According to an interview from The Guardian, the hand signal actually saved a teenage girl's life when she flashed it to passing cars in 2021.

The hand signal is broken down into four steps.

  1. Place the thumb into your palm.
  2. Trap your thumb with the other four fingers and lift your fingers back up.
  3. Repeat the signal continuously.

As parents, we must teach our children this hand signal and how to protect themselves.

SOS Signal Photo Credit findmykids.org
SOS Signal Photo Credit findmykids.org

The hand signal and many other safety strategies for parents are available at preventchildabusetraining.com

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