It's a scam galore these days.

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These are all very legit scams (as odd as that sounds) being forced on all of us.

We reported earlier today the details of a warning from the Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Office about a scam being used in recent days.

Now comes a scary warning for everyone who uses iPhones or Apple devices.

Several security firms issued alerts today for 1.5 BILLION Apple device customers.

The warning is in relation to a cyber-attack that targets Apple devices and iPhones in particular.

Most experts are advising that iPhone users take precautions to protect their Apple ID information. For example, it's a good idea to use your two-factor authentication especially when using your iCloud accounts.

According to experts, July started with a bang for scammers and hackers.

Several SMS attacks were launched as well as phishing campaigns from hackers.

Never disable your security features no matter who is asking you to do so.

Any legitimate organization would never ask for less security for their customers.

Those kinds of things should be an immediate red flag for the recipient of messages.

Apple is known for user privacy and security policies to help prevent users from being attacked or hacked.

This is a very important warning. I work with a Northport, Alabama resident who was recently hacked via his iPhone and thousands of dollars were demanded to return his data (and life) back to his control.

Police were involved and it was not a good thing. It was an awful ordeal.

That's why we are reporting this information to our Alabama friends and neighbors.

Be careful and avoid being scammed!

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