A man on Reddit is furious with his mom after she invited his ex-wife to his house while he was away on vacation.

When the man recently went on vacation with his new girlfriend, his mom, who lives with him, stayed behind. While away, his sisters came to visit their mom and disabled the security cameras in the man's home.

"The day after I left [my sister] Jill disabled my upstairs security camera which sits on the bookshelf which she said she was feeling 'watched.' I have had the security camera in the same spots for [five] years because it can see the front door and kitchen. Jill has never had a problem with the camera before," he wrote on Reddit.

"The next day my sister disabled the other security camera in the basement which looks at the backdoor. At that point I checked the footage to see what was going on at the house. The audio captured included my ex-wife's voice and her boyfriend. I confronted my sisters and mom about it and all said that since I was away it was fine. My ex was over because they like her and I wasn't there anyway," he shared.

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"I told them if they invited them back I would call the police and cause a scene, that they were not welcome in my house. My sister Jill told me they were coming back over and they already had plans. So I called my ex-wife directly and told her to not come over. Jill was very upset that I ruined her plans," the man revealed.

Since the argument, his mom has taken his sisters' side and claims they "did nothing wrong."

"Her stance is since she lives in the house she can invite over whoever she wants," he added, admitting he is "livid" and now wants to kick his mom out of his house for violating his trust and privacy.

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Users in the comments section blasted the man's mom and sisters for being sneaky.

"It sounds like your mother is your tenant or long term guest. You are within your rights to make this a hard boundary. Don't throw her out immediately, but make it clear you're prepared to if she doesn't agree with your boundaries. Your home is your safe space. No one should intrude it. Your ex wife knows exactly what she's doing. Make it clear to your mother that if she chooses to push this, she's choosing your ex over you, her actual child," one person wrote.

"They disabled the cameras for a reason. They knew they were wrong. They lied to you about why they disabled the camera. If your mom can't respect you she needs to move in [with] your sister. They can have your ex over whenever they want at your sisters' [place]," another chimed in.

"They 100 percent knew they were in the wrong and were trying to sneak to get away with it. I wouldn't trust any of them again alone," someone else commented.

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