A man on Reddit landed in hot water with his professional ballerina sister, who owns a ballet school, when he took his little girl to a competitor's school instead.

"A brief context: My mother is a piano teacher and she decided to teach my sister and I when we were kids, and it was a terrible experience (to me at least) because it was clear that she couldn’t separate her role as a mother and as a teacher, and she’d be hard on me in a way that she wasn’t to her other students. That’s not to say I think my sister wouldn’t be able to keep things professional, it’s just that I thought it was important to create a distance in this context," he wrote on Reddit.

"I didn’t think to let my sister 'know' beforehand about this, after all it was just a trial class, and my daughter could not even be interested in continuing afterwards," the dad continued.

However, when his sister found out he took his daughter to a competitor's school, she was "very hurt."

"I tried to explain my reasoning, and she said the right thing would be to call her so she wouldn’t need to find out from somebody else. She also says it creates an image that her own family doesn’t trust in her abilities as a teacher, which I think was nonsense," he concluded.

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Users gave the man some tough love in the comments section, with many arguing he should have given his sister a heads-up.

"If you deliberately choose to go with your sibling's business competitor, yes, you 'need' (for the purposes of this sub) to give them a heads-up first," one person wrote.

"If [they] give their sister a heads-up, their sister is ready to answer any gossip with a 'Yeah, we agreed that it was better not to mix the aunt and teacher roles.' Without giving their sister a heads-up, there's a risk that their sister is blindsided by gossip and doesn't have an answer ready, because she can't know that the reason isn't personal," another commented.

"Just because your mom acted like that doesn’t mean your sister will. After all, she knows what it feels like. And she’s right, it’s tainting her image. Give her a chance," someone else advised.

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