An Indian woman on Reddit was surprised by a bold question her soon-to-be in-laws asked her about her future children.

"I met my fiancés parents for the first time this weekend and it went okay. To be fair they didn’t really talk to me a lot, nor did they ask a lot of questions, but more so just spoke directly to my fiancé. I figured they were just shy or felt uncomfortable," she wrote.

"I am Indian and my fiancé is white. The only couple times his parents spoke to me was to ask about what I did for a living, my background, and then his mom followed it up with: 'So if you had kids, what color would your kids be?'" the woman continued on Reddit.

She thought it "was a SUPER weird question" and didn't know how to respond.

"So I just muttered 'I don’t know, a mix of the two of us?' And his mom just didn’t say anything," she shared.

"Was that a weird question or am I just overly sensitive? Besides that they seemed fine, weren't overtly rude to me or anything like that," the woman concluded, asking Reddit for advice.

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Users in the comments section rallied behind the woman, with many slamming her future in-laws.

"Surely your fiancé also thought that was a weird question? And if not … yikes," one person wrote.

"There’s a reason you haven’t met before getting engaged… they’re racist," another user commented.

"This is a dumb question to ask. Like extremely so," someone else chimed in.

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