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Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play! Growing up during the era of extreme sports games was terrific. Skateboarding games like Tony Hawk and their silly tricks put skateboarding in the limelight, Monster Jam games made us want to crush junk cars...the silliness truly brought out the creativity in developers.

The was also true with major sports titles. EA Sports BIG was certainly at the forefront of it, and this next game was a major helper in getting me into basketball.

This week's choice is none other is NBA Street!

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There's no story in NBA Street, but there's so much that it brings to the court that it's hard to fault it for not having a story to speak of. Games aren't 4 quarters, instead it's first to 21. 2 and 3 point baskets are also reduced to 1 and 2 point baskets respectfully. But it's not just the points change that makes the game different, the players themselves bring personality as well.

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Instead of normal basketball being played, players are given more personality. It's 3v3 and players can do tricks to build towards something called a gamebreaker. A gamebreaker is a spectacular gamechanger that can help keep games close and exciting.

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Of course with this being a streetball game, the courts themselves have to be set in neighborhoods as well. Beaming with personality, and with a commentator shouting praise and prodding you when you're doing terrible, it's a game that is best played with friends. Nothing like old school multiplayer games where you can shout at your friend when you beat them!

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