July 17th is National Tattoo Day, and I thought I'd celebrate by showcasing my favorite tats. I have four tattoos in total, so here's the rundown:

1. TERRIBLE Tramp Stamp: I literally got this the day I turned 18. I hate it, so you do NOT get a photo. The tattoo is of a Japanese Kanji that's supposed to say "beautiful;" however, this tattoo was done at a shop in a hick town in Kentucky, so I am fairly certain that it probably means something dumb like "soup" or "foot."

2. Small Cross: I got this tiny cross on my right shoulder when I was 21. It's supposed to look like the cover art from a Smashing Pumpkins single, but again: tattoos done in tiny hick towns don't always turn out so great which means NO PHOTO of this one for y'all.

Meg Summers/TSM

3. "You Are Okay:" My favorite show is Mad Men. I have seen the series in its entirety at least seven times, and one particular moment of the series resonated with me. Don Draper's first pitch for Lucky Strike.

As someone who was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, I wanted to get a tattoo that would be a reminder that no matter what's stressing me out, I am, in fact, OKAY.

Meg Summers/TSM

4. Cup of Ambition: I also have a Dolly Parton tattoo. Hate if you want, but I love it. As a woman working in a male-dominated industry, I wanted a reminder that anything is possible as long as I keep trying.

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