Do you remember this drink? I sure do! This was quite popular for a  time in the 1990/s. In fact, I remember the night that The Landing, (Legendary Tuscaloosa Restaurant/Nightspot), closed down in Early '93. I was DJing there for their final night of business, and I had the waitresses running back and forth to the bar for my "Zima-Runs". I don't remember much of the night, but I do remember that Zima was the culprit!

Fast forward to 2017, I heard rumors that Zima was making a comeback (In actuality, Zima never totally went away, because it was continued to be marketed and sold in Japan). However, according to this article, a comeback is being planned in The United States, which you can read about HERE 

So, whether you were a fan of the drink back in the day, or a Zima Newbie, get ready, because it appears to be coming back soon. Just be careful when you drink this stuff, because it WILL sneak up on you, and make you forget a few things! :-)

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