Is there a Tropical Storm heading our way next week? The National Hurricane Center seems to thinks so. In fact, Hurricane Hunters are scheduled to take a closer look on Monday, August 7th.

According to initial reports, the tropical weather mass continued to show signs of organization in the west Caribbean on Sunday afternoon. As of 1 pm. Sunday, it was located about 150 miles east of Honduras. Currently, the disturbance is moving West to Northwest between 10-15 mph, and his expected to reach Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula by either late Monday evening or early Tuesday morning.

The Hurricane Center is saying that it's looking "likely" that it will intensify to be considered a "tropical depression" or "tropical storm" before then. By the way, to be officially be given a Name, a storm has to have a closed center of circulation and sustained winds of at least 39 mph to be considered a tropical storm.

And in case you were wondering, if it does attain "Tropical Storm Status", the name it will be given is "FRANKLIN".

Will it impact the United States? Right now it's a tough call, but it IS a possibility. Of course, we'll continue to keep an eye on it.

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