Yes, you read that headline correctly: Birmingham may be getting a LUSH Cosmetics. If you need me, I will be weeping tears of joy. 

It's no secret that your girl is a HUGE fan of LUSH. Their bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps, shampoos--all their products--are made fresh, by hand. I LOVE LUSH. (Read more about why here.)

If I want to go to LUSH, I have to travel to Nashville or Atlanta. Luckily, I have awesome BFFs who hook me up when they take road trips. I've basically been dying for a local LUSH since, like, FOREVER.

If you were driving on Skyland Boulevard today and heard a shrill cry around 10:35 am, it wasn't the EMA testing the weather siren. It was ME--when I read a text from a friend of mine who told me she saw a job posting for Store Managers and Staff for a LUSH Cosmetics in Birmingham, Alabama.

I looked it up myself, and people, hear the good news: BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA MAY BE GETTING A LUSH COSMETICS!

The job posting is even listed on their official website.The job listing is the only concrete thing I've found so far, but I reached out to LUSH's PR department for more information about their Birmingham store, and when I hear back I'll let y'all know. In the meantime, I'm doing the Hotline Bling dance in the studio and maybe applying for three credit cards to cover my habit. My prayers have been answered.