This week was doozy! Not only did we introduce a ton of new songs but our third hour was nothing but artists playing the Book Fair Festival this weekend!

We'll start with some of the new stuff. First and foremost, you know I love me some Laura Jane Grace! She released her new EP this week and it's nothing short of uh-maz-ing! We also got to preview new tracks from Auburn's Man or Astro Man?, Frames, King Hannah, Cuffed Up (thanks for the Instagram follow), Manchester Orchestra, Parquet Courts, and that rocking new one from Bartees Strange!

So, onto hour three. This is the first time we've crafted an hour around a music festival but we were happy to do it! The Book Fair Festival is happening at Saturn in Birmingham on October 2nd & 3rd. Most of the artists highlighted within the hour, we've heard before on Indies Only, but there were a few we hadn't. Birmingham bands GT and The Bouquets were two of my favorites as were Lady Dan, Seriously, and Dendrons. Well, I honestly couldn't pick any I didn't love.

Here's how it all went down.

Hour 1

  • Big Thief - Certainty 
  • Night Shop - Forever Night 
  • Cuffed Up - Bonnie 
  • Wilder. - Bad Bad Luck 
  • King Hannah - A Well-Made Woman 
  • Film School - Said Your Name
  • Yumi Zouma - Give It Hell 
  • Laura Jane Grace - Day Old Coffee
  • Frames - Tabletop
  • dvr (with Kenny Beats) - Lowlife
  • Bad Bad Hats - Detroit Basketball
  • Man or Astro Man? - Space 1991
  • Manchester Orchestra - Telepath 
  • Absolutely Free - Interface
  • Broken Baby - Manic Panic 
  • Big D and the Kids Table - Toyed
  • Ultra Q - Handheld

Hour 2

  • Caroline & Claude - Stir the Pot 
  • Parquet Courts - Black Widow Spider 
  • Bartees Strange - Weights
  • The Front Bottoms - Lover Boy 
  • Snail Mail - Valentine
  • Good Morning - Burning
  • La Luz - The Pines
  • Cold Weather Company - Movement
  • NHC - Feed the Cruel 
  • Secondhand Sound - Knievel
  • Colleen Green - Posi Vibes
  • Rise Against - Talking to Ourselves 
  • Ada Lea - Hurt 


  • GT - Easy to Blame
  • The Juniper Berries - A Tap On the Shoulder
  • Lady Dan - Paradox
  • The Bouquets - Get It Right
  • Dendrons - Same Spot
  • Seriously - Dark Room 
  • Janet Simpson - Slip
  • Chayse Porter - Penny
  • Emby Alexander - Fell Into the Sun (UFO)
  • Video Age - Sweet Marie
  • Safety Town - Fake It
  • Phantom Limb - Guppy
  • GT - Dead Wire
  • Confusions - We Were Programmed to Fall In Love
  • Joe Kenkel - Dream Creator

Picking a song to highlight this week was tough but in the end, I settled on Bad Bad Luck from Wilder. representing the LBC! Their new Bad Bad Luck EP is out and listen to me when I say, it is fantastic! Check out the track and let me know what you think in the comments below.

I hope you were able to listen to what did actually air and maybe found a few new artists you were into. If not, you'll have another chance this Saturday night from 9 pm-12 am. Follow Indies Only on Instagram for an advanced look at some of the music coming each week!

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