The Hunchback of Notre Dame is getting an upgrade, an Idris Elba upgrade, to be exact. Hemidall himself will play Quasimodo in a new movie musical for Netflix.

Elba will star in a new take on Victor Hugo’s classic French novel about a half-blind hunchback who most of us remember best from the 1996 animated Disney movie. The actor recently made his directorial debut with Yardie at Sundance earlier this year, but he’s aiming to make this his next directorial effort. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Elba will star, direct and produce the film for Netflix. This marks his second partnership with the streaming service following his upcoming series, Turn Up Charlie.

Based on a script by Michael Mitnick (The Current WarThe Giver), the project will be a modern day retelling of the gothic romance about the hunchback bell-ringer who falls for the gypsy Esmerelda. Described as “sonic and musical experience,” it will also feature original music produced by Elba – let us not forget his music career. No word yet on the rest of the cast, but prepare yourself for a hot hunchback who can sing coming soon to a Netflix account near you.

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