This past weekend in college football was a little chaotic, to say the least. One place where the chaos was unmitigated was, unsurprisingly, in one place:

Knoxville, Tennessee.

Vols fans decided that the best way to respectfully disagree with a call on the field was to of course throw trash onto the field. Lane Kiffin famously got hit with a golf ball and fans were even arrested after the altercation took place.

While things eventually calmed down and the game was completed with Ole Miss winning, many now wonder how those affected by the trash throwing will take action, if necessary. Enter one of the most famous attorneys in the state of Alabama.

Alexander Shunnarah.

Yes, the attorney with billboards all over the state of Alabama has offered to help anyone affected with the heaping of garbage. Mainly Ole Miss fans and a certain head coach of the team, one Lane Kiffin:

And this folks is what we like to call excellent marketing. Shunnarah has also not strayed away from posting tweets about viral trends such as the multitude of tweets about red flags:

Needless to say, the lawyer certainly knows how to get eyes on his business. The real question is, however, will anybody take advantage of this? Honestly speaking, Kiffin does have a case here.

Most of the Ole Miss football players also have a case too. I mean...throwing trash on the field because a call didn't go your way? What next, carrying an actual trash can on the field for turnov-oh wait a minute...

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